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Thursday, December 18, 2008

OFP, L.L.C. v. The State of New Jersey


The judgment of the Appellate Division is affirmed substantially for the reasons expressed in Judge Skillman’s opinion.

State of New Jersey v. Kevin C. Williams


The Court held that there was no violation of an order of sequestration or defendant's constitutional rights when the victim remained in the courtroom after testifying, overheard defendant speak, and was recalled to make vocal identification.

Editor: Caitlin Yaeger

Friday, December 05, 2008

State of New Jersey in the Interest of P.M.P.


We conclude a juvenile delinquency complaint, filed at the
direction of a county prosecutor's office, is not the
substantial equivalent of an indictment such that it initiates a
formal adversarial proceeding and triggers a juvenile's right to
counsel. We reverse the trial court's extension of the
protections of State v. Sanchez, 129 N.J. 261, 277 (1992) to
juvenile proceedings.