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Sunday, August 10, 2014

State v. Reginald Roach (A-129-11

State v. Reginald Roach (A-129-11; 068874)
          Defendant’s confrontation rights were not violated by
          the testimony of the analyst who matched his DNA
          profile to the profile left at the scene by the
          perpetrator.  Defendant had the opportunity to
          confront the analyst who personally reviewed and
          verified the correctness of the two DNA profiles that
          resulted in a highly significant statistical match
          inculpating him as the perpetrator.  In the context of
          testing for the purpose of establishing DNA profiles
          for use in an expert’s comparison of DNA samples, a
          defendant’s federal and state confrontation rights are
          satisfied so long as the testifying witness is
          qualified to perform, and did in fact perform, an
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independent review of testing data and processes,
          rather than merely read from or vouch for another
          analyst’s report or conclusions.